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trial stay

Your First step to becoming an established client

Our goal is to provide your pet a caring, safe and fun environment where the stresses of being away from home are kept to a minimum.  We achieve that by assuring that we are a good fit for your pet and that your pet integrates well into life at Dear Madison.  Having a trial stay before you travel allows your pet to begin becoming comfortable with us and provides us the opportunity to properly prepare for your pet's individual needs and customize their stay with us.  

what your pet needs for their trial stay

  • Proof of Vaccination: We require all dogs to be currently vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. We will consider medical exceptions with your Veterinarian's approval.  We prefer you submit your pet's vaccinations prior to your trial stay.  Vaccinations must have been administered by a licensed Veterinarian and proof must be provided on a Veterinarian's letterhead.  Example: a printout listing vaccine reminders, an invoice for vaccines, etc.          Submit your pet's vaccines here: 
  • Food - If your pet typically eats during the times they are with us, please provide their food to avoid any gastrointestinal upset.
  • Leash - For the safety of your pet and others, we require your pet be leashed from the time they exit your vehicle until they are inside our facility.

how to schedule your pet's trial stay

A trial stay can be scheduled as either day care or one overnight.  We ask that you not travel out of the area during your trial and that you be reachable by phone/text.  In the rare event we determine that it would be in your pet's best interest to terminate the trial stay, we will require that you pick up your pet within an hour of our contacting you.
If you would like to schedule a trial stay, please click the button below.  
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