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frequently asked questions

can I come by anytime?
All drop-offs, pick ups, trial days and tours are scheduled. We spend our days & nights caring for your pet at a facility that is our home.  We run errands, shower and have family time around the needs of our current guests and respectfully ask that you not arrive to our property unannounced. Your pets will see us in our pj's, but we would prefer you didn't!
why do I need to provide my dog's food?
A sudden change in your pet's diet will likely result in a gastrointestinal upset (diarrhea). Please bring your pet's food, along with additional food in the event your travel is delayed.
why do you require vaccines?
Our guest's health and safety is our top priority.  Requiring all guests to maintain current vaccinations is the most basic way to prevent sharing communal illnesses.
what are the risks of having my pet stay at dear Madison?
While it is rare that we encounter any issues with our guests, it is important that you are aware there are risks any time you take your dog to an environment where they interact with other dogs. It is very much like taking a human child to the park, daycare or school.  Some risks any pet could encounter are: 
  • scratches/nips/bites - All play is closely monitored, however these things are an unforeseen possibility
  • bordetella/kennel cough - While we require the bordetella vaccine, the vaccine only covers certain strains of the respiratory infection.   (See the next question for further detail.)
  • stress related illness - We pride ourselves in our ability to calm your pet's nerves and make them feel at home; but there can be side effects from their concern over seeing your suitcases and overexcitement - such as: colitis, UTI, etc.
What is
bordetella/kennel cough?
Bordetella, also referred to as Kennel Cough, is a term used to describe a contagious respiratory infection in dogs that can be with bacterial or viral.  Bordetella can be contracted anywhere another dog has been - the park, your yard, the pet store, groomer, trainer, etc.  It is difficult to completely prevent Bordetella because it has an incubation period of 5-7 days - meaning, a dog with the infection may not show symptoms for up to a week.  Bordetella is comparable to a chest cold in humans and is generally an uneventful illness.  It is important to seek treatment to prevent progression of the infection and further complications.
In the event a dog in our care is suspected of the infection, they will be quarantined and receive Veterinary care.  We will begin the process of fully disinfecting our facility and will contact the owners of any pet who may have been in contact with the infected pet.
what happens if my pet needs veterinary care during their stay?
In the event your pet needs to see a Veterinarian in a non-emergent situation, we will attempt to schedule with your primary Veterinarian.  If you do not have a primary Veterinarian in the area, we will schedule with our preferred Veterinary Clinic - Quail Hollow Animal Hospital.
In the case of an emergency, we will take your pet to either: Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency or Blue Pearl.
We will always make an attempt to contact you, as will the Veterinarian providing treatment, for you to authorize care.  We also require that you complete a form that grants us the authority to seek medical treatment for your pet while they are under our care. 
Any medical care provided to your pet during their stay is the financial responsibility of the pet's owner.
do you allow dogs who have fleas?
We will never knowingly allow a pet who has fleas to be a guest at our facility.  In the event we discover your pet has fleas, they will be treated with Frontline Flea Prevention at the owner's expense.
will I know how my pet is doing during their stay?
Absolutely!  We truly come to love your pets and consider them family.  As an extension of that, we care greatly for the families of our guests and strive to give you peace of mind while you are apart.  We will text or email with updates intermittently during their stay.
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